Modeling And Visualization Of Complex Systems And Enterprises. Explorations Of Physical, Human, Economic, And Social Phenomena

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Explains multi-level models of enterprise systems and covers modeling methodology This book addresses the essential phenomena underlying the overall behaviors of complex systems and enterprises

Modeling and Visualization of Complex Systems and Enterprises examines visualization of phenomena and how understanding the relationships among phenomena can provide the basis for understanding where deeper exploration is warranted

Presents a 10 step methodology for addressing questions associated with the design or operation of complex systems and enterprises Examines six archetypal enterprise problems including two from healthcare, two from urban systems, and one each from financial systems and defense systems Provides an introduction to the nature of complex systems, historical perspectives on complexity and complex adaptive systems, and the evolution of systems practice Modeling and Visualization of Complex Systems and Enterprises is written for graduate students studying systems science and engineering and professionals involved in systems science and engineering, those involved in complex systems such as healthcare delivery, urban

Specific phenomena of interest and how they are represented depend on the questions of interest and the relevant domains or contexts

The author also reviews mathematical and computational models, defined very broadly across disciplines, which can enable deeper understanding

These phenomena range from physical, behavioral, and organizational, to economic and social, all of which involve significant human components

Understanding these phenomena can enable improving these systems

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